Sudeshna Lahiri

Education for Sustainable Development in Teacher Education in India


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There has been an overhauling of teacher education programmes across the nation, in India, post National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE 2010). A special place has been given to the pedagogy of Environmental Studies in the twoyear B.Ed. programmes. Moreover, Environmental and Population Education has been introduced as optional course. Consciously, it has been kept in consideration in pedagogies of different school subjects: how issues related to environment could be imbibed with different streams of studies. As environment does not have political boundaries, thus, the issues which are local may not be considered in isolation. Hence, it is necessary to trace the education about environment in Indian scientific community and society which is traditional and has its own indigenous practices. It is required to address the global environmental concerns and how they are affecting the local community should be part of the curriculum in the backdrop of India towards sustainable development.

NCFTE 2010, teacher education programme, NCF 2005, environmental education