Beyond Style and Genre

Christofer Jost (Editor)

Beyond Style and Genre

Aesthetic Concepts in Popular Culture

2023,  Populäre Kultur und Musik,  Band 39,  268  pages,  paperback,  34,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-4770-7

With contributions by
Tatiana AstafevaBenjamin BurkhartKathrin DreckmannStephanie HeroldBernd HoffmannChristoph JackeKonstantin JahnChristofer JostSteffen JustHenry KeazorNils KirschlagerKaspar MaaseSimon RehbachAxel SchmidtLaura SchwingerWillem StrankFlorian VölkerLiane Wilhelmus

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Popular culture today manifests itself in a dense network of styles and genres, while the aesthetic preferences of the audience are highly differentiated. Besides, popular culture also implies a diversity of aesthetic strategies, discourses and value systems that traverse the symbolic demarcations between styles and genres and are effective across different artistic fields and individual media. Aesthetic concepts such as camp, retro or trash are expressions of a transgressive mode of production that facilitates a multitude of cross-connections between aesthetic spaces of experience. The volume brings together authors from different disciplines who approach aesthetic concepts in popular culture on a historical, theoretical and methodological level, analyze them on the basis of various aesthetic phenomena, or discuss aspects relevant to their theoretical contextualization, such as the emergence and establishment of artistic practices and aesthetic value systems.