Medieval Cyprus

Sabine RoggeMichael Grünbart (Editor)

Medieval Cyprus

A Place of Cultural Encounter

2015,  Schriften des Instituts für Interdisziplinäre Zypern-Studien,  Band 11,  388  pages,  paperback,  with numerous images,  44,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-3360-1

With contributions by
Sabine RoggeMichael GrünbartPeter EdburyK. Scott ParkerAlexander BeihammerChristopher SchabelTassos PapacostasMarina Solomidou-IeronymidouNicholas CoureasEleni ProcopiouMaria G. ParaniJoanita VroomUlrike RitzerfeldMichalis OlympiosMyrto Veikou

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In December 2012 a group of scholars met in Münster to present their recent studies on the multifaceted history and culture of medieval Cyprus – and most of the papers presented at that conference are published in "Medieval Cyprus". Several deal with the (political) history of the island: the reign of Isaakios Komnenos, the effects of the crusade of King Peter I in 1365, the so-called Ottoman-Venetian war. An overview of the three volumes of the Bullarium Cyprium is given. Aspects of economic life in medieval Cyprus are treated in three papers: organisation, management and economic activities of monastic estates in the Middle Byzantine period, medieval cane sugar production on the island, the commerce between the islands of Cyprus, Majorca and Sardinia. Papers on a major ecclesiastical complex dating from the early 7th century, on Cypriot artefacts of the 13th and 14th centuries used in daily life, on luxury metal objects from the Lusignan period, and on some rather disparate elements of 15th-century architecture in Cyprus give insights into the material culture of medieval Cyprus. Furthermore, the topics of settlement patterns and insularity are treated in a paper on the successive relocations of the capital of the island of Cyprus from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages.


Insgesamt bietet „Medieval Cyprus“ einen hervorragenden Überblick über die aktuellen Forschungsergebnisse zum mittelalterlichen Zypern, der durchaus in die Tiefe geht. Die Autoren zeigen zugleich auf, dass noch viel Forschungsarbeit zu leisten sein wird. Wer auf der Suche nach einem umfangreichen Fachbuch zur Geschichte Zyperns im Mittelalter ist, dem sei „Medieval Cyprus – A Place of Cultural Encounter“ wärmstens empfohlen.
Daniel Ossenkop auf: Das Mittelalter – Der Blog

[…] il volume risulta fruibile con profitto da un pubblico di studiosi medievisti diversificato, anche se in primis composto di storici e archeologi.
Giulia Muti in: Medioevo greco, 16/2016

Ce livre […] peut mieux être défini comme des Miscellanées chypriotes où le lecteur trouvera un article enrichissant dans le domaine qui l’intéresse.
Jacques Paviot auf: Francia-Recensio 2017/1 Mittelalter – Moyen Âge (500–1500)

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