Modernity of Tradition

Gabriele MentgesLola Shamukhitdinova (Editor)
Unter Mitarbeit von Svenja AdeltClaire Wenngren
Übersetzt von Paul Kremel

Modernity of Tradition

Uzbek Textile Culture Today

2013,  192  pages,  E-Book (PDF),  mit zahlreichen, teils farbigen Abbildungen,  26,99 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-7906-7

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Usually, advertising formulas which fix Uzbekistan in a transfigured oriental past of long ago perfect for the travel industry, prefer to forget that there is also a modern Uzbekistan in which, as some researchers suggest, a new Silk Road is beginning to evolve.
The present volume intends to provide an initial insight into these evolving connections and processes, on the one hand to present the textile facets that they encompass and on the other hand to show how, from the perspective of Uzbek researchers, the problem and the current status of textile research and of textile revitalisation are developing.

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Ohunjon Ahunbabayev, Halimahan Alimova, Dilafruz Aripjanova, Ulugbek Bobatov, Irina Bogoslovskaya, Vera Chursina, Azamat Gulamov, Gabriele Mentges, Nargiza Nabidjanova, Sabokhat Pulatova, Nilufarhon Qobulova, Alisher Rahimov, Markus Rempe, Lola Shamukhitdinova, Abdurahmon Toychiyev, Gulam Valiyev.