When Education Meets the Care Paradigm

Tobias WerlerDavid L. CameronNils R. Birkeland (Editor)

When Education Meets the Care Paradigm

2012,  Transformation of Education – European Perspectives,  Band 2,  152  pages,  E-Book (PDF),  26,99 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-7688-2

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This volume takes up the issue that more and more the traditional concept of teacher education which builds upon the pattern of care (altruism) is displaced by a new pattern. The very recent public discourse on education changed classical objectives and areas of education. Education and educational knowledge seem to be under attack by an amalgamation of supranational bodies and the health care discourses. Education as a now “unprotected” system is challenged by the public care system offering similar performance. In relation to this the discourse on school or curriculum reform changes its focus from knowledge to care, from cultural communication to enabling personal health and employment provision.

The book provides answers to the following questions in a European perspective: What happens to educational knowledge if it is controlled by outsiders? What type of knowledge is communicated? Who gains hegemony? Is it the social care discourse derived from the welfare state or is it the technical knowledge discourse derived from globalization and neoliberal ideology? The anthology contains theoretical analyses as well as empirical research findings.