Teachers’ Pedagogical Beliefs

Johannes König (Editor)

Teachers’ Pedagogical Beliefs

Definition and Operationalisation – Connections to Knowledge and Performance – Development and Change

2012,  1. Auflage, 208  pages,  paperback,  39,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-2696-2

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How are teachers’ pedagogical beliefs and their professional knowledge related? How do teachers’ pedagogical beliefs affect their work in the classroom? Do future teachers’ pedagogical beliefs evolve during training? How are these beliefs defined and operationalised in current empirical research?
This work provides an in-depth empirical examination of different aspects of teachers’ pedagogical beliefs. The authors are recognised experts in their respective fields from the US, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland. The contributions cover a broad range of issues, distinguishing between in-service and pre-service teachers, examining the results of national surveys and international comparisons of teachers’ pedagogical beliefs, and making use of different methodologies when it comes to operationalisation and measurement. The findings are essential reading for researchers in the fields of education and psychology, pre-service and in-service teachers and teacher trainers.


Horst Biedermann, Sigrid Blömeke, Christian Brühwiler, Kerstin Darge, Peggy A. Ertmer, Lorraine Gilleece, Johannes König, Ingelore Mammes, Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Martin Rothland, Olgun Sadik, Niclas Schaper, Melanie Schreiber, Jürgen Seifried, Emine Sendurur, Polat Sendurur, Sibylle Steinmann, Johannes Strobel, Melanie Taibi and Inka Wischmeier