Low Countries imprints in Scottish research libraries

William A. Kelly

Low Countries imprints in Scottish research libraries

2007,  Crossways,  Band 6,  158  pages,  E-Book (PDF),  31,40 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-6866-5

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Previously a knowledge of the holdings of early Low Countries imprints in Scottish research libraries was confined to those of individual repositories or of the works of specific writers. Now this country-wide survey brings together for the first time that knowledge in a comprehensive way which will help researchers and librarians alike.

As well as confirming the existence of rich, expertly edited and well printed holdings in standard subjects such as law, theology, medicine, classical studies and French literature, the survey reveals the existence of more esoteric materials on comets, ballistics and urban government.


Kelly wrote most of the Scottish entries for that reference work.[...] he has here produced a carefully compiled and very readable survey for pre-1801 Netherlandish books held in publicly accessible Scottish research libraries, which is an invaluable guide for researchers needing to locate Low Cow Countries printed, primary sources.
Christopher Skelton-Foord in: CILIP Rare Books and Special Collections Group and contributors Newsletter, December 2008.

This carefully researched survey certainly achieves its aim of draving attention to the riches of Scottish research libraries.
K. C. Fraser in: Reference Reviews. vol. 23. No. 1. 2009.