On the current corona situation

The concern about the spread of the coronavirus worries all of us and drastically restricts our everyday life. Waxmann has taken important safety precautions and has adapted the working procedures. However, you can reach us as usual by phone or e-mail. Our online shop also operates without any restrictions, so that you can order our books and have them delivered directly to your home.

For library customers, we have established a programme together with our partners Preselect and Ciando, so that you can obtain access to our content in a quick and unbureaucratic way. Please contact us:

Preselect: Alexander Munte (a.munte[at]preselect.com)
Ciando: Nicole Kondic (nicole.kondic[at]ciando.com)
Waxmann: Melanie Völker (voelker[at]waxmann.com)